We have over 20 years of experience with Developer driven projects which include new build developments such as purpose built apartments, mixed use developments to include a mix of residential/retail, Change of Use projects, maximizing the potential of Permitted Development, conversions of existing buildings into apartments and rental driven developments with HMO Applications. We understand that the creation of quality and desirable spaces are just as important as the amount of units and floor area created. This is particularly true with a discerning London market.

Please see a detailed breakdown of the process below.


We understand that each development project will commence with us assisting the client in developing and identifying the maximum development and return for each project. This will normally start with a Feasibility Study in order to identify, for example, the maximum Planning potential alongside the amount/type of units possible and their proposed schedule of areas and values. This is vital in order to identify the principal and purpose of the project.


The Planning Process may begin with a Pre-Planning Application in order to identify the Planning issues that may shape the project. This will provide more certainty on the development and potential/return of the project. However, we appreciate that in some cases developer clients may not have the luxury of time for this process, in which case we would undertake a speedy and detailed in-house research of the relevant Planning Policies that will shape and influence the project. In some cases where the project is complex and there are uncertainties, we can consult with an experienced Planning Consultant whom we have worked with successfully for many years, who can assist with this if required. We then proceed to produce proposed design drawings suitable for a Planning Application. Our fee includes submitting and monitoring the Planning Application and we keep you updated up to the Decision Date. Our fee also includes speaking in support of the Application at Parish and Planning Committee level if required.


This is a fundamental stage which is required for all development projects whereby we produce detailed drawings, services layouts and project specific specifications suitable for obtaining accurate prices for construction and a Building Regulations Application. This stage will require the input of a Structural Engineer. We can introduce you to Structural Engineers that we work with. Alternatively, you are also welcome to seek quotes elsewhere if you wish. We understand that in some cases you may only require detailed drawings suitable for a Building Regulations Application only, without the requirements of detailed specifications, as in some cases you will have your own requirements for finishes and fittings.


This is an optional stage whereby we assist you to analyse the returned estimates from contractors and help you to appoint a suitable contractor. We then prepare a Building Contract for the works to commence. We understand in some cases you will be your own contractor and therefore you will not require this service.


This is an optional stage whereby we can offer our support to you and the appointed contractor either in the form of regular site visits or on the phone at a pre-agreed hourly rate. Therefore, you have the option to use our support during construction as and when required. We understand in some cases you will be your own contractor and therefore you will not require this service.

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